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FUT MESSE Kawaguchi motogo

About 5 minutes on foot from Kawaguchi-Mongo Station. This facility has two sides of the latest long pile artificial turf and a clubhouse. Free locker rooms for men and women, shower facilities. Parking is available free of charge. Please bring your parking ticket to the clubhouse when you leave.






Rooftop of Lions Square, 2-15-3 Motosato, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture (Rooftop of Summit Store Elsa Tower Store)

Nearest station

JR Kawaguchi Station (15 minutes on foot)

Access from the station

When you come out of the east exit, turn right and turn left when you come to the cupola square. After walking for a while, you will come to an intersection, cross the first pedestrian crossing and turn right (Honmachi Avenue). Go straight for a while. When you see the overpass at Honmachi roundabout, cross the overpass in the direction you are going, then turn right at the end of the overpass. After going straight for a while, you will come to the Chuo Bridge intersection, cross the first crosswalk and then cross the crosswalk on your left. Then turn right and go straight and you will see our facility on your left.

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Type of court

High Density Long Pile Artificial Turf (2 sides) / Outdoor



We hold this event irregularly on Saturdays and Sundays. Dates and times are subject to change from month to month.





〒156-0043 東京都世田谷区松原6-5-20 ハネギテラス106




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