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Video recording service with 2 cameras!
【@Ikebukuro】Every Mon & Thur +random
【@Shibura】Every other Friday
【@Nishidai】Every other Wed
【@Kawasaki】Every other Tue & Fri
【@Tama-plaza】Every Tue

We host football (5-a-side (Futsal)) games in Tokyo.  

Mixed level , first-timers, men and women, everyone is welcomed! 

Celebrating every goal with all members and meeting new friends are keys to enjoy Bonita Futsal. 

個サル レベル


Clicking the date, you can apply for the games. 

Game Schedule @Ikebukuro, Shibura &Nshidai courts


Registration for members will save your time for next games!

Clicking the date, you can apply for the games. 

Game schedules @ Kawasaki & Tama-plaza court


Registration for members will save your time for next games!


Futsal Court info @Ikebukuro


Higashi-Ikebukuro 1-5-7 YAMADA LABI1 6F/Rooftop, Toshima-ku Tokyo

​adidas FUTSAL PARK Ikebukuro

3min walk from Ikebukuro station. Rooftop futsal court of YAMADA LABI. Clean and descent court with open rest area. Change rooms, showers, and equipment hire(boots and sportswear) are available.

You can rent the latest Adidas shoes, wear, etc. Enjoy futsal casually whenever you want!

Futsal court info @ Shibuya

Court is located in 4th floor of Shibuya Stream which is connected with Shibuya station. Stylish cafe next to the court. Change rooms, showers, lockers, equipment hire(Only shoes) are available.

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You can rent Adidas shoes. (No other gears available)

​adidas FUTSAL PARK Shibuya

Shibuya 3-21-3 Stream 4th floor TORQUE SPICE & HERB, TABLE & COURT, Shibuya Tokyo 

Futsal court info @ Nishidai


This futsal court is on the rooftop of Daiei in front of Nishidai Station.As they just replaced grass, you can enjoy good pitch of condition.Free rental towels and scales are available.

You can rent the latest Adidas shoes, wear, etc. Enjoy futsal whenever you want.


Hasune 3-8-12 Daiei Nishidai roof top,Itabashi-ku Tokyo


Futsal court info @ Kawasaki

3 min walk from Kawasaki Station. Courts are outdoors with roof and used synthetic turf. (Cleats / spiked boots are not permitted.) Change rooms, showers, and equipment hire (boots, sportswear) are available.

You can rent the latest Adidas shoes, wear, etc. After work or  after school,you can enjoy futsal casually 

​adidas FUTSAL PARK Kawasaki

Ogawa-cho 1-26 La Cittadella Arena Citta,Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki Kanagawa

Futsal court info @ Tama-plaza


It is a very open and clean coat.You can enjoy playing on a slightly wider court with a very good pitch.There is a court on the roof of Tokyu Department Store which is a 1-minute walk from the north exit of Tama Plaza Station

You can rent the latest Adidas shoes, wear, etc. Enjoy futsal whenever you want.

Aobaku utsukusigaoka1-7 tama-plaza terrace north-plaza tokyu-store rooftop,Yokohama-shi Kanagawa

​adidas FUTSAL PARK Tama-Plaza




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"Bonita Fustal will be big" -New Comer of futsal services.
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"Here is the Bonita girl of Bonita Futsal that's in trend of futsal services in Tokyo."
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Bonita’s movie sample
​​We record a video of our futsal games and upload it on Youtube.
Watching your own play must be interesting, and if you are first-timer, you can check other players' level and court condition before the game.
※video recording and uploading can be cancelled without prior notice.
Contact info
TEL 080-8890-6237
In case you want to cancel your booking...

​Please read these terms carefully before you join Bonita futsal. By joining Bonita futsal, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

How it works

■Please come to the futsal court you join.
​■ Fees will be collected on the day. Bonita attenders will be around the court with a Bonita Board.
   Cash and Paypay will be accepted. (No Credit or debit card) 
■Divide groups into Friendly level and Advanced level. 
After making 2 groups based on levels(Friendly/Advanced level), we take turns between games of the same level. We may play as only mixed level depends on the number of players.
■You can join by yourself or with your friends.
■Enjoyng futsal with communication will be our top priority. We have many female staffs so we have many female players.  
■80% of players join by themselves. We are committed to ensuring an inclusive and supportive environment for all players, both on and off the court.
■Rule for Advanced level 

Experienced players only. Fast rotations, active play, play to win.
No wild and unnecessary offense are allowed. Beautiful futsal is the best. 

■Rule for Friendly level

Everyone is welcome! Beginners are especially welcome. Passing the ball with all players and friendly and social play is encouraged. 

■If you don't like it... 

If you couln't enjoy it after all games, please do not hesitate to let our staffs know.
We will refund fees.

Terms of Service

How to join

■How to apply

For an application, visit preferred game schedule and click  'apply button'  fill in the necessary information.

If you register a membership, you'll be able to apply only input ID and Password in the future. Please register a member. 

■About waiting-list 

If a reservation becomes canceled, we will contact all member of the waiting-list by e-mail. The openings becomes the first-come-first-served basis. The reservation is not completed only by having received an e-mail. Please be careful.
■About domain
After you apply or register membership, you will receive an e-mail from 「labola.jp」 or 「bonita.tokyo」
Please change your setting to be able to receive our Email if you need to.
■About news letter
We irregularly send news letters about our schedule or campaign info to our members.By using our Service, you shall be deemed to have agreed to subscribe our news letter.
■About unsubscribe news letter
If you would like to unsubscribe our news letter, please let us know that by e-mail.
■About video recording and upload on Youtube
We record a video of our futsal games and upload it on You tube.
※Video recording and uploading can be cancelled without prior notice.
By joining our futsal games, you shall be deemed to have agreed to record and upload the video.
■Children under 15 are not allowed to join the game.
■We ask all participants to register under their own name.
■We may contact you to announce cancellation. Please register Email that you can use on your smartphone.

About Cancellation

Minimum number of participants
When the participants are less than 8, the game will be cancelled.We will call or SMS to announce cancellation 1.5 hours ahead of the game.











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